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#269113 - They looked at me and said you cannot stop us from telling the police etc about you, Ahah now thats where your wrong, Jane has been screwing not only other men but the VAT man of much money and she has also been pinching cash from her husbands late fathers estate, and I know like me she would also go to prison, and you Rosie have been laundering cash for the local drug baron, and Jane has been putting your cash through her accountancy business ,so I don,t think either of you is going to blow the whistle,as we would all wind up not only in prison,but you two would loose everything including your children. OK they said, well before we go ahead,I would like you both to jointly suck my cock, Rosie pulled my flies down, put her hand into my underclothes and pulled my hardening cock out, she then fed into Jane,s waiting mouth, and the sucking began, Oh Jane was good ,,she played with the end of my cock ,until I nearly burst , then she would stop, take it out of her mouth,only to be sucked in

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