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#339520 - What's this, my little rascal? exclaims the monk upon catching sight of that formidable mess. Curious to witness the impending scene, I flew to the spy hole as soon as dear little Eugénie was summoned. He would be shut up alone in the room containing this treasure, never did he allow a girl with him, and every precaution had to be taken to insure his solitude, he could not bear the thought he might be observed, and when at last he felt secure he went into action; but I am absolutely unable to tell you what he did, for no one had ever seen him; all that is known is that when he had left the room, the pot was discovered perfectly empty and as tidy as can be.

Read Blow Job 小さくされ強制的にふとももでしぼられる - Fate grand order Dick Suck 小さくされ強制的にふとももでしぼられる

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I ve realized that this is just kris kiss content under her partners name
Haruka suzushiro
Anyone else think her moans were annoying as fuck