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#124102 - My dog turned, back to back, pulling his knot causing me to orgasm more, each time he pulled away his knot and cock rubbed inside me, hitting my g spot, I know last time I had nearly as many orgasms after he had cum in me as during the fucking, and this time was the same, then after 5 minutes or so, a loud plop signalled his knot had come out. I waited, knowing soon his knot would drop out and release his cum. I felt his cock jerk, then his sperm lubed my hand once more as his balls empitied into her bowels, quickly replaced by another cock who very quickly did the same, removing my fist, this time I move up, sucking her hole to eat thier cum from her, Joy shook as I made her orgasm once more before letting her go.

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Larsa ferrinas solidor
I have been close but i m a pro
Madara uchiha
Amazing proportions narrow waist and big ass i love it