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#128937 - After they put their plates away the girls and prepare the shower as James thinks what he can do with his power shall I make myself higher ? A deeper voice ? Or shall I make my girls go into prostitution to make money ? he said to himself , when the shower is ready James stands infront of them and they start to undress him softly not to make him mad they soon followed by taking their lingerie off and joining him in the shower as they start to soap him in and wash him off while he explores their body's with his hands playing with their tits and ass also shoving a finger in from time to time making them moan in pleasure playing with them for a tirthy minutes before getting out of the shower they dry James of and dress him in a suit making him look more like a gentlemen as the girls put on their other lingerie putting their old ones in the laundry James walks downstairs as his slaves followed behind him side by side he dropped himself in the sofa and looked at the girls alright you

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Gaul galette des rois
Quiero chupar esas vergas
Ichigo kurosaki
Bro she literally has a seizure while in missionary
Shiage hamazura
That was absolutely beautiful