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#246563 - OH FUCK YES, OH MY GOD IM GONNA CUM SOON, IM GONNA. Everyone always said that Katlin looked like her real mum who died when she was five, shoulder length brownish golden hair, cute baby blue eyes, and the most adorable face, altho to her she thought the other parts of her were more important and spent time trying to find out ways to improve her young figer for JJ, oh she was still a virgin, but knew that JJ would apprichiate the effort untill that time came. As it turned out, she was right, after the shearch had died down a little, after about two months, JJ stayed behind with her, and even took her out with him, as long as they were careful and were with a few others, but as happy as Katlin was, she wanted nothing more then to lose her virginity, even more so to JJ, maybe she was to young but she knew that this had to be love, could it be though, after all she did not know what he felt, but she was determined to find out.

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Tsubaki nakatsukasa
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