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#364316 - We stayed like that for half an hour when I had to get up for a piss, I then came back and returned the favor by jumping on his lap, after about 5 min I started to feel something under my ass and thought it was just Elliot fidgeting but then he got harder and his cock was pressed right into my crack which got me instantly hard. Elliot (17) was my best friend at sixth form, he was 6ft, brown Bieber style hair but cuter he had bright blue eyes and was physically fit. Me and him where in our maths class which we sat next to in and often fell asleep, well it was end of term and we were watching a film which I fell asleep watching and while I was sleeping I had a dream that I woke up with Elliot cuddling up to me and we both looked at each other then he kissed me !BANG! I woke up to an explosion on the film, at first I didn’t realize but Elliot had his legs entangled with mine and was rubbing his legs up and down, I quickly got hard and embarrassed someone would see I pulled my legs aw

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Mana inuyama
Amazing cock throbbing allure thank you
Shiki tohno
Who is she
Akira okuzaki
Perfect body with a nice belly i like this woman