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#238187 - And then said to her; I need to tell you that I saw something at your house the other day and let's just say you were playing with the male dog!! Talk about her mouth dropping open and nearly spilling her drink!! She just looked at me and said you you saw him and I doing it? I told her not to worry and no one else would ever know a thing. Because my plan was for it to happen but not in the way it was happening! So I hurriedly adjusted everything again then went over beside the bed as Rambo was driving his huge tongue as far up into her as he could, trying his best to get all those sweet tasty juices of hers out! I leaned over the bed grabbed her now writhing and shuddering body and lifted her back up leaving Rambo there licking her juices from his choppers per say. Well she nodded her head o.

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Lucky girl i wanna see more of this guy
Ichino yanagida