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#369525 - She ran her manicured nails through his long hair, pulling away the elastic that restrained it, his dark long hair fell with weight and she combed it back with her fingers as she began to massage his scalp, drawing him in closer to her. The weight of his body on her slender frame almost took the wind out of her as her nails dug into his back, ineffective in stopping his pursuit as he continued to grind her tight pussy deeper. They were naked, clothes scattered like a storm had messed them, he smoothed his hands over her skin and picked her up, cradling her as he carried her to his bed, her arms around his neck, she kissed his face quietly, more sweetly than ever as their energy connected, infused, bouncing off over the walls & ceiling.

Read Music Suki Datta no ni... Natsu - Original Submission Suki Datta no ni... Natsu

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