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#155848 - My hands go to your hair again as I run them though you slip your tongue a little into my pussy, opening the lips as it slips past you use a finger to rub my clit hard as your tongue presses ever deeper into my pussy, flicking at the inner walls at it goes, touching every nerve ending inside as I moan loudly for you to lick me hard, you smile to yourself as you rub your tongue around the inside of my beautiful pussy, the juice washing into your mouth as you swallow every bit and go back for more, your tongue begins to thrust back and forth in and out of me as you feel my hands grab your head and my back arch in pleasure “Play with your nipple for me as I lick you” you say before pressing your tongue back into my pussy licking every bit you can get your tongue to as I moaned my approval and began to pull my nipples with both hands, squeezing my breasts as I feel an orgasm rise from your licking, my nipples are hard and I pull them to get them harder, all the time wanting this orgasm

Read Asshole Tearju Sensei to Bathroom - To love-ru Masterbation Tearju Sensei to Bathroom

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