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#145503 - Of course as Sue and I got a little more drunk – our inhibitions and fears started to ease of a bit and the conversation got very slightly suggestive – but nothing more than a joke here or there. Her finger tips were tracing a circle as big as a tea cup in between the material of her blouse and her foundation garment. C was still out of the room – clanking the cups so I thought “What the hell !” nothing had happened by now and probably wouldn’t – and I did have a hard on – and Sue was wearing her sexiest underwear - so I took Sues hand and put in my cock ! Sue looked a bit spooked but didn’t take her hand away – and then very slowly began rubbing her hand up and down the length of my cock – squeezing it gently through the material and pressing firmly but not hard.

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Cure egret
1 of my favorites
Ruri hoshino
I love the way he pumped harder to really make sure he gets everything deep inside of her me next