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#319314 - When we snuck back into Flick’s room we were in and out of our clothes in no time and held eachother caressing eachother’s bodies with Flick taking extra caution rubbing my ass deeply making out with me I could taste the cum on her warm breath. Flick looked at me shaking trying her best to contain herself I asked her if she is ok I noticed her hand was twitching under the table I reached around to see she had her hand in her panties the whole time she was watching me, Flick soon saw me staring she grabbed my hand and told me to meet her in the disabled toilets in 2 minutes then leaving me again leaving her sweet aroma of pussy surrounding the table . Flick looked at my extremely wet pussy noticing I haven’t cummed yet she leaped towards me locking her mouth around my pussy sliding her tounge all the way inside me making a moan escape my mouth unexpectedly, Flick continued gnawing at my pussy vibrating her lips on my clit while her tounge rolled up and down my fuck hole at a fast pa

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