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#181441 - As he turns to get a can of beer, “Hey Teri, nice tits girl!” Taking my chance I start to sign a plea for help, the hulk guy rushes over, grabbing my hands and squeezing hard, cracking some bone in my right hand. “Oh Sherry I can’t believe what’s happened and that Joe was behind it all!” Tears streaming down her face “Teri we contacted your parents and they’ll be here before you’re Epilouge One year later and the trial of Joe and his friend is over. Oh why couldn’t I just let them fuck me and be done with it! Then I realize that Joe is talking to me “I said if you move before I get back, Sherry going to be told about your actions and why she’s being made to pay, Understand mutie?” I nod, then thy carry Peter out between them, then Joe returns grabbing my by the arm and dragging my towards the basement door.

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