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#382435 - Tonight me and Zayn were at his house alone he lives with his mum and Younger sister i haven’t really met them yet I’m told i get to meet them tomorrow which is something to look forward to but i got other plans for tonight Zayn's mum is staying at her boyfriends house and his sister is at a friend’s house and won’t be back till late it’s the prefect setup to finally get more intimate with him. Zayn and i were cuddling on the couch watching movies we were very relaxed and i was So fucking horny i moved his hand into my panties introducing his hand to my clit i felt his finger poke around in my panties trying to find my hole he was moving to far away from the hole until his finger went POP inside me but his finger wasn’t in my pussy, he somehow accidently found his way into my asshole i didn’t want to say anything in case he backed out so i let him believe he was fingering my pussy it wasn’t the first time I’ve had a finger in my ass it’s just the first time it was

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