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Camwhore Strong Girls - Transformers Topless

(COMIC1☆9) [超時空要塞カチューシャ (電気将軍)] STRONG GIRLS (トランスフォーマー) [中国翻訳]


Characters: Strongarm (1)
Languages: Translated
Categories: Doujinshi
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#250589 - Vernon Cohn, remember sheriff, you arrested me and my cousins two hours ago for gang rape” said the sly voice over the radio, “well guess what sheriff, we broke out and now we’re holding your deputy hostage, I got a gun pointing’ right at his stupid face”, Vernon cackled as a voice shouted help me boss , the sheriff was stunned, convicts had taken over his station and were now holding his deputy hostage, “I’m willing’ to negotiate sheriff” said Vernon, “WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?” yelled the sheriff, “it’s like this sheriff, we want you to bring us your daughter, we’re going to take turns with her and then you’re going to let us walk free, and if you don’t, well then we’re going to kill your deputy” said Vernon in a seedy whisper, “you got 15 minutes to comply, over and out” said Vernon and the radio channel resumed its static, “oh shit” said the sheriff, A thought began creeping into my head, “uh sheriff” I said clearing my throat, “ I think I have a solution” I said trying my best to

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Natsu ayuhara
Mmmm that delicious peeing pussy at the end made it worth the wait
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Thank you darling love u
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Beautiful girl
Yummy babe