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#244925 - She pulled my thighs apart and grasped my cock which she proceeded to lick from my balls right up the shaft underneath, pausing only at that little piece of scar tissue just under the head where my foreskin had been cut (Yes! I’m a ‘Roundhead!) and like most circumcised men (so I’m told) I find attention here is mind blowing. And as Aunty B had been a widow for so long, I liked to think that my Mum would look on what I had done to her as an act of kindness, as a good nephew should do for a favourite Aunty! And as for my sister and cousin………. Curiously enough, my first thought was ‘So that’s where Kate gets her fantastically hairy muff from!’ because the mature woman in front of me had an even hairier cunt than her daughter.

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