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#126129 - Oh come on Phyllis, it'll be fun, Brenda pleaded, you're always saying how you never get a chance to meet anyone and I can guarantee you that the place will be loaded with a lot of guys!!! Phyllis looked doubtfully at her room mate and replied, I don't know, Freddy has some pretty weird friends, do you really think we should!?! Of course we should, silly, Brenda replied excitedly, and what you consider weird, I consider different!!! Well, Phyllis replied, if you really think so. Good, it's settle then, Brenda said happily, we're gonna go!!! Wow, look at all of the cars, Brenda said enthusiastically, Freddy must have invited half of Chicago!!! And all of them strange, Phyllis interjected!!! Oh pooh on you, Brenda said only half kiddingly, for once just try to go with the flow and have a good time!!! From the size of the crowd and the loud music coming from inside, it was pretty obvious that no one was minding the front door, so with

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