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#357637 - Frank watched his beautiful wife undress and get ready for the party, and as always, he was amazed at how great her body looked! When she was nude, Frank said, Honey, I brought you a present from Amsterdam! What is it, she asked? This, a small vibrator, he said. Doris Carr met them at the door and was ushering them inside, when all at once Claire almost lost her footing!!! Frank had just hit the on button and she felt her legs wobble as the little V did a slow hum inside her now drooling cunt!!! Bob Carr came over and gave Claire a kiss on the cheek and led Frank over to the bar while Claire was left by herself for a moment, trying to collect her thoughts as her cunt was slowly being stirred into a frenzy! As she looked around the room, no one could have possibly guessed that she was on the edge of a huge orgasm, and just as her cunt was about to let go, the buzzing stopped! Christ, she thought, the stupid thing is broken, but then out of the corner of her eye she saw Fran

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