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#132998 - When you open your eyes you see there is another cock poking through the hole in the side wall and its just level with your mouth, this one is bigger than the one in your cunt and is also circumcised with a big head and you can see a drop of precum just starting to form out of the hole, all the while this guy next door has been watching you and wanking his cock while you were sucking one, but it does look nice, you put your hand down and feel it jerk to your touch and the guy the other side pushes it further through the hole, you can feel the cock inside you throbbing and twitching as you are sure he is about to cum, his fingers are working their magic on your clit, you cant take you eyes of the cock poking out of the hole and you lick your lips and bend forward a little, not too much because you don’t want the cock in your cunt to slip out and you take the other cock in your mouth. Rising up on the bed you look at yourself with a little smile on your face and think god you really

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She is so fucking sexy
Francesca lucchini
2 mins probably produce my largest load in that situation