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#142589 - “fuck …That's it … holy shit, your mouth is so wet and warm, suck that dick you little slut, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist for long, sluts like and your friend over there were born to suck cock”, he snickered out arrogantly. “So what do you girls think? Pretty nice huh?”, Darren confidently asked spying at Alex who was by a glass window staring out at the view, the warm suns rays shining through her dress making it a little translucent, he licked his lips and caught me catching him, he smirked and walked over to me, “ I'm glad you decided to come along, I hope we can get to know each other a little better”, he suggested with that smug grin once again before walking off to talk to Alex. The next day we strolled into a fancy 5-star hotel where Alex agreed to meet Darren for coffee, she looked cute and classy in her red and floral, white print, V neck, summer dress, and white sandals while I chose to dress down a bit, sticking to a pair of simple dark, blue, hi

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