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#379663 - Why had her dad fucked her mom in front of her, why had he made her stay, was he gonna tell mom, oh god that would be so humiliating. it was only a few days later when her dad was bugging her again, her mom had had to leave town the day before and she was gonna be gone for a week, he barged into her room while she was on the phone with her friends and told her to get off the phone, she did so quickly. she had one day where her mom was as usual at work and her dad had gone out somewhere, she didnt know where, nor did she care, she wanted to watch some porn and play with her pussy, she lay back on her bed and began to stroke her pussy through her panties as she pulled up a video, the more she got into it she moved her panties out of the way and began to push her fingers in and out of her sopping wetness, she was getting really close now and she rubbed at her clit and closed her eyes tight, not hearing the front door open or her door open as her dad came into her room, as usual without

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I like it too