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#249542 - How did it feel when you were done, pressed Jill? It felt naked and cool, answered Claire, but real sexy, ya know, and Frank just loved it!!! By now all three girls were getting a little tipsy, and their jokes were getting even more vulgar, and even if they weren't that funny, they were met with regales of laughter. The hot water and the soap soften the hair so it's easier to cut, explained Claire, so after about five minutes of soaping and soaking, Claire let out just enough water to expose her pussy to the air while picking up Frank's shaving cream!!! After giving is a good shaking, she squirted some into her free hand and applied it to her pubic area, all the while making sure it was worked in really good! Okay, now for the tricky part, she remarked, as she carefully took Frank's razor and started shaving her crotch, after which she would rinse off the razor in the water, making sure she always had a good clean sharp edge to shave with. Claire car

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