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#228203 - They were both rocking my body, and finally Joey says he's gonna cum in my cunt and then he groans really loud and the other guy's pumping in deep and Joey stops and I know he's coming, and then the other guy starts unloading his cum, and I'm feeling nice and full of the stuff. Before the guy was done, I heard him gasp and then he fucked in hard a few more times before slamming in deep and I felt his dick twitching and felt his cum pumping out of him and into my cunt and he groaned the whole time, and I thought I could hear a thousand groans just like that from the ghosts in the room, and when he was done he pulled out and tucked back in and I stood up and adjusted my shorts and I could feel his cum right at the entrance to my cunt and it kind of squished when I walked and then I looked around the room and decided to rent the place. It was hard sometimes to tell who was a friend and who was a paying customer so eventually I made the rule that if you visit you p

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