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#330303 - It turned out Rachel’s cut’s weren’t as bad as I first thought and she had obviously forgotten about them, she gave me a big hug and asked if I was coming to her party, “We’ll see” “I remember, I promised I would tell and I wont”. After work I was mowing my lawn and Rachel came down the road, she had a few friends with her, she stopped and asked if I could fit the horn now. I ran the back of my hand up her leg, up to the hem of her skirt, she didn’t tell me to stop, I turned my hand over and moved higher, her legs opened a little, I rubbed my thumb against her pussy and heard her moan, I turned to face her and was about to push her skirt up so I could kiss and suck her pussy when ‘peep, peep’.

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Good hentai
Futaba kon
Omg loved it