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#316595 - Her only reaction to being picked up by the insectoid creature was a pathetic mewling, as it was holding her in such a way that meant she could not continue to touch herself, she squirmed in it's grip, desperately trying to drop a hand to her clit to continue rubbing, but to no avail, the mantis like creature held her tightly. In confusion Aria sat down in a corridor, as she brought up a hand to check her pulse she accidentally brushed against her breast, fingers barely tracing past her hard nipple. Bounding with excitement, Aria bounced to the airlock of the shuttle, already adjusting to the heavier gravity of the station, she tapped her fingers along the wall of the airlock, impatient for it to finish cycling the air so that she could get to exploring the massive station.

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Grunhilde serenity
No i was watching it for the story
Perrine h. clostermann
Excellent on both their parts