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#168739 - Emma then slipped her other hand into my boxers and started to fondle my shaven balls, I asked her if she was belived I was clean shaven now and she looked into my eyes and said oh yes and it’s a lovely big cock to, she was still wanking me and I was fully erect by this time. I laughed and told her I was clean shaven all over and she asked me to prove it, later on that night we went in to the warehouse and it was deserted and Emma asked me again to prove it, having a 9” cock I have always been proud of I told her if she really wanted to see it she should get on her knees and get it out giggling like a high school girl Emma came over to me and unzipped my pants reached in and took hold of my soft cock, the look on her face as she realised I was a little bigger than average was one of shock, she extracted my cock which was starting to stiffen in her hand and as she gazed at it my cock started to stiffen as her hand slid up and down my cock.

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