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#124166 - Kyla’s head reared up, an astonished look of pleasure on her face, and in an instant Veronica drew the brunette’s tits to her mouth and started licking and nibbling them. There had been an embarrassing incident just a few days previously, when Veronica had been in the bathroom and, out of curiosity, had taken down from the drying rack one of Kyla’s black under-wired bras for a closer look – as she thought, it was three sizes bigger than her own, a 32 double-D. The only sound to be heard in the fourth-floor bedroom for the next several minutes was the groaning creak of the bed-springs under their combined weight, and the gasps and sobs for breath of two young women who were taking a running approach to the biggest, longest, most devastating orgasm they had ever known in their lives.

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