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#165339 - He broke the kiss when he felt her hand back on his manhood, his hands rested on the small of her back and he slid them down, dipping his fingers into her shorts, she moaned slightly as his hands cupped her ass, she wasn’t wearing panties and Harry gripped the soft flesh there hungrily. “He wants to speak with me about … Something” Harry said, deciding not to tell them about his changes, although Hermione’s hug had caused his manhood to stir slightly, he changed the subject to quidditch and Ron was off, talking about the different teams and so on. He pulled his hand back rubbing against her pussy, his middle finger slightly raised as he felt her opening and slipped it inside, she moaned again, and her hand jerked him faster, Harry pushed his finger in deeper and curled it, following some instinct in his mind as Hermione gasped.

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