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#56580 - Larson, he pressed on, does your husband regularly suck your vagina!?! Fuck yes, she said through clenched teeth, that's why I shave my pussy, so that his mouth and tongue have open access to my organ!!! Very good, he said softly, from the looks of things you're read to cum, would you like that, dear?!? Please, she begged, I'm am so fucking ready!!! There's just one problem, he intoned evenly!!! W-what problem she fairly bawled, I just really need to climax, please let me!?! In do time, child, he replied, but first we address this problem, okay!?! Anything you say, she begged, j-just hurry, it's driving me crazy!!! I have another question for you , dear, he said in syrupy smooth voice, do you suck your husband's hard penis for him!?! Of course I do, she wailed, I love sucking him off, why do you ask!?! Well, fortunately or unfortunately, he replied, depending on your point of view, I happen to have a very hard pen

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