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#387750 - She looked at him he was beautiful short spiked black hair, his lips looked a wonderful shade pink, and looked so kissable, she had to taste him badly; his hands were in the pockets of his black trench coat, he was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, as well as black sneakers, he had a nicely trimmed goatee and several piercing up his right ear, his constant stair burning into her skin like a fresh wound, he never broke eye contact. He smile and followed her like a little lost puppy, they made their way off the floor and headed towards the door. He got up gracefully and strode over to her and stuck his hand out, “I’m Jason” he yelled to her over the loud music, she slid her hand into his, and leaned into his ear “I’m Chelsea”, she pulled back and smiled showing her white teeth.

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