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#59331 - One of the guys at the end of the counter noticed her and leaned over and said something to his buddy, which must have been funny, because they both ended up laughing their guts out. We'll stop here and get something to eat, said Bill, you look like you could use a bite! That's okay, Jill replied, I'll just wait here if it's all right with you? Honey, he said gently, it's on me, now come on and let's eat!!! She was famished, and this good Samaritan was making her an offer she couldn't refuse, so she hopped out of the car and joined Bill Doud for supper. When Kim heard Jill say that she was only eighteen, her own cunt began leaking profusely, excited at the prospect of having such a young slut to feed on! Jill's vagina, still sore from the gang bang she had endured less than an hour before, was being soothed by the gentle if not relentless licking from the biker bitch Kim.

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