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#386330 - I couldn’t believe how humiliating this must have been to my father but my mom definitely looked a bit nervous, shooting nervous glances at my dad as she politely sucked with the rhythm of Tony’s skull fucking. “Oh GOD! I look fat don’t I! I’m sorry, here I’ll put my robe back-“ “No mom, you look amazing. As I watched the scene unfolding infront of me: my father Chris with his face in my mom’s butt while she, her tight WHITE G-STRING flung to the ground, sluttishly sucks Tony’s dick as Tony aggressively presses her head down, bucking at her mouth, I’ll never forget what she said in a slutty whisper: “mmmm, yeah, lick my ass while I suck his dick” Suddenly Tony began to buck at my mother’s mouth as ferociously as ever, perhaps to humiliate the pops.

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