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#19219 - I had to eat something before my take away was due as the earlier fuck had made me so hungry, l thought l would answer the door in just a towel around me. Hearing my confession got him wanting to fuck me again and since l had been caught in the act l couldn’t really refuse my husband, so spread my legs ready for him to get into position and slip his fat cock into my very, very sticky dribbling pussy, before starting to fuck me Dave my husband looked me in the eyes and whispered ‘my dirty bitch’ and fucked me harder than he had ever done before, it was fantastic, l felt like l had my husband’s approval to openly get fucked but l think he now had ideas of watching me in the act. Before long l was topless then l lost my skirt and knickers then put on to my knees to have a cock stuffed into my mouth, his hands gripped the side of my head next it was being pulled back and forth at a fast rate, the guy on my left gave a groan and shot warm sticky spunk over my shoulder which ran down onto

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