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#171842 - He closed his eyes thinking of Sue’s body and how beautiful and amazing it was, he laid back on the tiled floor and felt his cock becoming hard, he placed his hands on his face and slowly slid them down gliding them over his neck and down past his hard pecks, he stopped a moment to flick and tease his nipples, they were hard against his finger tips, he left his left hand on his chest to continue stimulating his breasts as his right began to descend down his belly and through his pubic hair and finally to his hard erect sex, he glides his finger tips up his sensitive stretched skin until he reaches his head, he strokes his fingers up and down his shaft giving only light touches that send shivers of pleasure through his body, his nipples become harder as his body craves what it has been wanting. “Oh god it’s true Mum. “WHERE IS THAT BITCH OF A DAUGHTER OF YOURS!!!” Sue screamed.

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