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#164931 - I once did a study on the old Mioan empire it was around for a long time but they were so old many of their systems had broken down and no one really knew how to fix them, by the time our race reached the stars they were long gone almost all remnants of them gone but last year I found an old ship in a grave yard no one knew what it was, it had the strangest configuration, the power source was different, it's what I based the power system here on. So Ally, Charles started no more pain right? Ally just laughed not now but in nine months there will be As Charles looked confused the princess placed his hand on her stomach you're going to have to start thinking of names for the possible heir to the throne as the reality of what she said dawned on him he smiled a huge smile as Ally giggled and the ship shimmered then vanished. As she started to speak he just shook his head that he couldn't understand her.

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