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#78893 - “Well putting it that way I’d say so” Sharon said smiling at him, she felt the moistness in her panties now for sure, her nipples were also poking at her top and were probably visible but she couldn’t help it now, when she looked into Harry’s face and saw the wrinkles and looked at his knarred fingers that didn’t put her off at all, she couldn’t believe how this seventy-three year old man was making her feel. Sharon ran a hand through the hair on his chest as he got closer to her, she was nervous and Harry could see it, he smiled reassuringly and moved closer to her she could feel his skin touch her leg and giggled a tiny bit as she felt a hand move onto her shoulder then down her side and onto her asscheeks rubbing them a little. With a firm pull back Harry’s cock moved out of Sharon’s pussy, only a little shaft remained inside her Sharon felt her inner walls close a little until Harry thrust forwards again and they were pushed open by the large head, Sharon moaned out again a

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