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#138066 - There would be no buying back Sophie's red chip, she could never hold her breath long, by the time the next hand was dealt her kicking spasm’s had slowed to a dull twitch as she slowly died behind Gene. The card's were dealt and the game began, everyone betting 2 blue chip's to start, discarding the throw a way’s everyone received 2 or 3 new card's and better continued, I am in for 3 chip's Jason said throwing 3 blue chip's onto the pile, Check, Check, Check, Raise, the game went on like this for hour's as the tired slave's kept standing on their little stool's. She was now ready for the oven; Gene opened the oven and with Steve's help they lifted her pan and slid her into the oven then closed and locked the door set the timer for 5 hours and went to the backyard to watch Jessica ride the spit.

Read 18 Year Old Osanpo Orinrin Goudou - Touhou project Novinho Osanpo Orinrin Goudou

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