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#243520 - On our way back to camp, Dave rang, saying he had forgotten it was Friday night and the guys played darts tonight at a pub in teams, and the other guys from the teams would be pissed off if they didn't turn up, I asked how many, he said all up 12 guys, Sue said without any hesitation, bring them along too. Later the girls went for a walk onto the rock, all naked of course, when Dave rang, he told us only two backed out, so around 10 guys wanted to meet us, I told him they must be tidy and respect the girls, he said he would make sure they were, and any time after 6 pm to start, also bring their own drinks etc, or food. The new burst of energy only lasted about an hour, then once more limp cocks outnumbered the hard ones, every hole refilled by cum, I had taken Rick's and Al's cum and a new cock , so I was happy, then Gretchen stood and took the girls onto the grass, within seconds the guys stood over them and washed them with the piss, the girls laughing as they

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