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#134676 - But I moaned, and I cried when I felt it hurt me more, he put more and more lotion in my butt hole, and again went back to slowly inserting his dick inside me, opening my hole little by little, made my boy hole respond to his penetrating tool, and I soon just let it happen, and he said he was fucking me, that I was a good boy, that finally he got his big dick inside my tight little hole, and he said that I felt so good; that he had opened me up, it was nice, tight, and warm, like something he never felt before, like spreading some butter. He just smiled, with his nice white teeth gleam, and his face, and black hair, and cute black mustache and face, dripped wet. I would end as his special boy, and He my big brother, and treat me good, feeling things that only special men feel, and that I did not need to wait to grow up to feel those special man things, men can make boys feel and like it.


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Honoka sawatari
Omg this is so fucking hot
Yayoi fujisawa
Nice sister