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#310436 - Gorgeous is often not in the lobby in the afternoons, and my great idea is to find out where he might be. Him, clearly condescending: Do you know that you've got cement dust all over the back of your skirt? Me, blushing deeply: Uh, no! I uh didn't! Thank you for telling me! Him, victorious: No problem! In the midst of my humiliation, I have one of those rare mental flashes that I think of as inspired. What a humiliating sight I must be, my short skirt rolled up to my waist with my thong showing clearly through the semi-transparent tights, knees still wet, my mouth slack, lipstick completely gone, eye makeup smeared from crying, my cheeks beet red from the savage slaps.

Read Red Head 肉秘書・友紀子 54(V汉) Gay Medical 肉秘書・友紀子 54(V汉)

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Wow what a babe
Good for her hope she goes far