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#190856 - Once we got over our fear of unprotected sex we started doing it more often there was a time where we had to use a girls cubicle toilet to fuck in because some idiot took our spot , i remember there was a time where there were to many people around our spot i had to walk around the park jerking of and cum in Amy's hand and watch her slurp the cum out of her hand, but it actually went more intense than our normal fucks she was riding my cock while i was sitting on the toilet it got way more intense she was way more into it she was deeply making out with me and really making all the effort riding my unprotected cock we even decided to go a little further this time and try properly having anal sex we have only ever tried anal once in the past and that ended up with the condom getting stuck in her ass cheeks so doggystyle anal was definitely out of the question so we are going to try a different position. have a girl sit on my face 9. The next time and Amy hooked

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