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#399837 - about 2000 dollars you literally coulda heard a pin drop i looked at him and grinned you sure ?? oh hell yeah well all i got left is this i reached in my pockets and tossed the keys to the trans am on the table they had all admired my car when i pulled it from behnd the pallets and Logan smiled well i'll take that as a call Mr Andy he turned his cards over and yep 3 aces and 2 jacks enjoy your walk home andy he laughed i shook my head and grinned back you better get ready to cry Logan 4 kings i had the king of hearts face up and i counted off king of hearts his face dropped i turned a card over king of clubs he closed his eyes and cussed the gal whose halter had been his bank punched him hard damn he muttered as i turned over the next card king of spades i felt really cocky as i turned over the last card and king of Diamonds i said as i flipped over the jack of hearts Logan cussed and shook his head as i started to claim my win

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