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#160126 - Yvette would give the description of the product and some of the capabilities it had and Tianna would follow it up with the technical perspective. I finished with the last item and as the technical brain behind each of the products Tianna asked, “What do you think of my talents?” I hesitated because my first thought was, “Your talents are great and I’m ready to see what other talents you have to offer,” but I actually started off with, “They are great products and the specs on them are really cutting edge,” walking over to the couch and taking a st I continued “I would probably buy any one of these myself and would def have the company invest in you guys but I don’t have that kind of power. While she distracted with her sister, I vacuumed my lips to her protruding clit and sucked and feverishly flicked her clit side to side, “Fuck fuck right there daddy, “she yelped “Shit awwwww yes baby don’t stop….

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