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#335498 - This went on for 4 days non-stop i had in total 21 DOM’S i finely said i need to get my ass back on the road and see what other trouble i can get into Every one there was high and wet including me but i had to get going. The DOM fucked my ass and my cunt about 10 times in an hour W/we both came all 10 times with multiple orgasms. i first was approached by a guy who look to be about 21 or so with long blonde hair and green eyes and a big bulge in his blue jeans he was the first one to DOM me that night i in fact fell in love with HIM and became HIS slave for about 6 years but i will explain that later.

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Satono nishida
Uhhhhh all was well until the cottage cheese fell out
Hiori kazano
Thank you good man