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#34283 - The clothes at least were reasonably clean, freshly laundered before being hung on the racks for the great unwashed British public to maul, but that didn't last and so the regular clientele developed a sixth sense about which items were fresh in and made a bee line for them, rushing to the changing room clutching several garments to emerge later either with garments secreted under their own clothes or to haggle and try to get a discount on the already ridiculously cheap prices. The boards were an untidy fit around Marilyn's waist, Raphael could be seen through the gaps but this was just the temporary arrangement, later I would take accurate measurements and cut a board to the exact shape and fit a rubber and leather moulding as a seal with a matching rubber and leather seal to support her waist, which she would need for the longer sessions she had ahead of her, but for now she slopped around as Raphael banged into her. It's my back, I said as I dressed, Stupid

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