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#105177 - I looked back to him and said “my birthday present” we stayed like that for only a few moments, before he slid in a bit deeper, and cuddled me, “I don't want to hurt you, but this feels amazing” I responded with just a moan, he kept pushing until half of his dick was inside me, then withdrew until the tip was barely inside me, “ahhh, put it back in” he slid back in further this time, and then pulled out, each time he went in, he would go a bit deeper, and just a bit faster, soon he was sliding in and out of me effortlessly, kissing me and letting me moan into his mouth, we kept this up for a while until his hips got sore, so I got on top, I slid right down his dick on the first go “Ohh, I think I like this position, play with my boobs like you did earlier” his hands reached up and twisted and tweaked my nipples, even though they weren't very big, (16B), they were giving me some amazing sensations aside from what was going on inside of my pussy, I started to bounce up and down

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This is in china
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What is her name on here i need to see more she is so hot