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#282581 - Later on in the night Summer's Boyfriend and his friend Jason turned up the night was going very chill they sat they talked they laughed they drank . Summer sat me down with her arm around me trying to keep her head levelled with her shoulders asked me how much i knew about sex keeping in mind Summer was a total sex addict so i knew less than what she did i just shrugged my shoulders and said nothing the furtherest ive been is just a quick peck on the lips, Summer then went straight out and asked me if i wanna see her have sex with her boyfriend i was shocked at the same time curious at the question as ive never really thought about sex but i was buzzed i was having a good time so i thought why not? so i followed Summer and her boyfriend to a separate bedroom. Ive been at my new school for almost a year now and my birthday is coming up , my friend Summer wanted to make it special for me but with my parents being so strict the most i could get out of my birthday is

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