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#199614 - Jan took a big gulp of wine and proceeded with all the details of everything that happened from the time she got off the plane & jumped into Cindy’s car, the three way Lesbian action with Cindy & April. I’m sorry if that’s not your thing Jim, but I like both sides of the fence, I hope you can accept that as I ‘m really keen to see Jan again. Jan put her glass down, reached up and pulled her husband in for a passionate kiss, Jim then put down his glass wrapped both arms around Jan whilst sticking his tongue in Jan’s mouth starting a duel with her tongue, then standing he pulled the sheets back reached into the bed & pick Jan up into his arms then sitting her down onto his lap as they slowly fell back onto the bed Jan reached behind herself grabbing his cock and lined it up with her rear hole, slowly allowing the cock to slide into her back door, she slowly rode Jims cock to the point of orgasm, before stopping & raising herself off his cock, standing she took five steps across the roo

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Yuuko okonogi
I m in la and are you open to a light skinned black male with a bbc amazing hentai btw
I was so carried away by watching that i didn t notice how my brother came up to me and saw porn on my phone it was awkward