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#311883 - After three rings, a woman picked up the phone and answered, Pastor Winslow's residence, Betty Winslow speaking! Harry lowered his voice so no one could hear him, and he whispered into the receiver, Masturbate for me bitch, and tell me what you're doing!!! Ready to slam down the phone if he had too, Harry listened intently for any response, and the first words he heard were, My cunt's so fucking hot, I need to cum so badly!!! I'm taking off my panties, and running my fingers into my slit, she said in a strained voice! You're the minister's wife aren't you, asked Harry? Yes, she panted into the phone!!! Does your husband fuck you very often, Harry pressed on!?! Almost every night, was her reply, my husband's a good fuck!!! Do you suck him off, Harry asked excitedly!?! Oh, god yes, she stammered, I suck him off at least two or three times a week!!! Betty, he continued, have you ever sucked another girl!?! Oh yes, my hus

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This is grandpa we got you that bowl set for christmas and this is how you repay us shame
Mmmmm can i play too