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#105389 - Shocked Sally realises she’s been tricked, she was never going to make it to room 1085! ‘We did this to make sure you haven’t contacted anyone and was being followed’ the voice tells her. Nervous now Sally is shaking as the elevator moves up the floors, reaching the 8th floor she steps to one side to let the men out, as the doors open Sally’s suddenly grabbed from behind an arm goes round her waist while another hand clamps over her mouth, she goes stiff and for a second can’t move, as she begins to struggle Sally’s lifted off her feet by the strong arms and she’s quickly carried down the corridor to a door that’s opened by the 2nd man. Lifting her pounding head Sally look round to see 2 more men undressing quickly and looking hungrily at her one moves round to her head and kneels feeding his cock into her unresisting mouth, holding her face in his hands he starts to fuck her pushing even deeper than the first man, Sally gags again and feels the cock slip deep down her throat

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Yuriko nanao
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