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#386149 - A high pitch screech began to build up all around him as his head began to pound and everything began to vibrate. Rickard looked to his right, upon a raised patch of earth stood four figures, two slender figures encased in silver-steel armour, silver blonde, and auburn hair flowing in the wind, as two others stood holding his own Coat of arms, A pair of golden lions rampant facing each other on a field of black with a white shield between then outlined in gold with a black cross on it, a red horse and steel clad knight stood at its centre, rearing wielding a golden lance He spurred his steed forward up the hill, a huge crystal white war horse, almost 6ft 8in in height with a long golden mane and tail, encased in enamelled silver armour.

Read Neighbor I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN - Final fantasy xv Perfect Body I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN

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